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Moving abroad and leaving your parents on opposite coast is not easy. One of the objectives of Canadian government is to see that families are reunited in Canada. Along with spousal sponsorship, grandparents and parents sponsorship is the second highly demanded immigration stream under family class immigration.

In 2017 The Government of Canada introduced new application intake process for parents and grandparents program (PGP). Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) decided to randomly select 10,000 applications of Canadian citizens and permanent residents who wish to sponsor their parents or grandparents to Canada. Additional questions have been added to the 2018 version to help potential sponsors self-assess their eligibility based on minimum income requirements.

While parents immigration program might not be an option for you at this time, you may also consider temporary residence programs such as super visa and visitor visa. If you are not invited in 2018 to sponsor your parents and/or grandparents, you may submit interest to sponsor form in 2019. If you are still interested in sponsoring your parents, continue checking updates in case second round of parents sponsorship invitations is announced.

The results of the first round of 2018 Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship Draw were announced on March 19, 2018. If you’re invited to apply to sponsor your parents or grandparents, you must submit complete application package before the deadline specified in your invitation. After you are approved as a sponsor and your parents pass eligibility assessment, they’ll immigrate to Canada.

Please note that you have only one attempt to submit application package. Given the long application processing times, it is critical to avoid any errors that can cause further delays or in some cases refusals. Save the time – hire an immigration consultant who will be there to help and guide you through the process. We offer different options where you can choose between in-office and online services, including full representation and self-managed options such as hourly consultation, final review and do-it-yourself packages.

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